About Us

This all began when I was around 7 or 8 years old. My Aunt (the cool one), was at a little league game with our family one day and I was hanging out with her and my little sister while my brothers played their game. We went to the concession stand for some snacks and my Aunt thought she'd be funny and get me to eat some jalapenos before my game. She offered me $5 (a mighty fine wage for an 8 year old boy in the 1980's) to eat a nacho basket full of jalapenos. I happily accepted while thinking of all the video games I was going to get to play at the local arcade. I finished those pickled jalapenos like they were nothing, and I'm pretty sure we also won the game that day (not because of anything I did, mind you. I was awful at baseball), and she paid me my $5, totally unaware that she had just made me an addict...an addict to peppers. Over the next few decades, I tried many times to turn people to the spicy side with my chili, my wings, or my Deathburgers only to fail turning them most of the time as it would be too hot for most. And then one day in late 2019 I made my Everything! seasoning. I tried it on chicken, then burgers, then steak, then eggs...and so on. I took it in to work one day and grilled some chicken for the staff for lunch and the response was overwhelming. Bottles of my seasoning began to flow like water at work and I realized I had finally made something with one of my absolute favorite peppers that everyone could enjoy.


Wallop! was born with the mission to bring the wonderful flavor of peppers to even the most timid of palates by finding that perfect balance of flavor to satisfy Everyone!